Oh, Deer!

Not only do we share the road with fellow drivers, but we share it with our wildlife too. This can be a lethal combination. Further fuelling the accident prone combination is the increasing development of roads and loss of natural habitat that comes with …

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Trying to make a few extra bucks by “ridesharing”? Watch out–it’s not covered

The pace of change is dramatic in all facets of society today. People are glued to their smart phones to make calls, check email, google, facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram…New businesses are starting up to meet the changing needs of an always “on” society.

One type …

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Pondering the Superbowl and Success

As I sit in my office with the snow coming down (already 10 inches on the ground) I thought it would a good time to write my next blog. The Superbowl really stunk this year, unless you are …

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Do you know what you just signed? Part II

So if you recall, my insured owns a commercial property and a large national retailer wanted to rent some space from him. The potential tenant sent my insured their “standard contract” to sign. After he and …

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Do you know what you just signed?

Owners of commercial properties are always faced with pressure to keep their buildings fully leased.  After all, if a building isn’t rented there isn’t any revenue coming in to cover expenses.  Costs like heat, lights, maintenance and so on all have to be paid …

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Don’t drop the ball on communication

The loss of Wes Welker by the New England Patriots and Robert Kraft’s explanation of the events that lead up to Wes’ departure illustrate the importance of open, respectful communication in a relationship.  According to the New York Times, “Kraft said that …

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Baby Shower Brawl: Is Anyone Covered?

You may have read the story about a violent brawl at a baby shower which happened in Stoughton, MA over the weekend.  The Boston Globe reported that “bottles and punches were thrown and furniture was smashed.”

If someone was hurt and the injured party …

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The Future of Service

When Steve Job’s was being interviewed by the author of his biography, Steve was asked about how Apple decides which new products to put into production.  The interviewer asked if he used customer feedback to determine what’s next.  In pure Steve Job’s style, he …

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The Patriots, Vision, Finger-pointing and the Fiscal Cliff

I have decided to change the tone and content of my blog.  Instead of commenting exclusively on safety and insurance matters, I am going to weave in some personal and general reflections.  I hope you find the blogs interesting and thought provoking.
Fiscal …

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Happy Thanksgiving from Mid-State Insurance

Mid-State Insurance wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to all clients, family and friends.  We hope you have a happy and safe holiday!

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