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Are you confused by state and federal health care reform laws? Mid-State representatives have the expertise to guide you through these changes and offer the best solutions for you and your employees. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help guide you through the maze of compliance issues facing today’s employers.

When your good health is at stake, you’ll settle for nothing but the best. While quality care remains your top priority, you still worry about costs.

These days there are many different kinds of health insurance plans for you to choose from – HMOs, PPOs, select and limited network, tiered networks, and partially self-funded plans. All allow flexibility and different types of deductibles. You need the help of someone with the expertise to recommend the best program for you and your employees. You will also need to decide if you will add a wellness program, FSA, HRA, or HSA.

Employers are looking for creative ways to lower health insurance premiums. As the cost for health insurance continues to increase, everyone needs to understand that health insurance premiums are expensive because health care is expensive. We all need to share the responsibility the consumer (employers and employees), insurance companies, and providers (hospitals and doctors).

By helping their people make the kind of informed decisions that have a positive impact on their health, employers demonstrate their concern for employees, promote healthy lifestyles, and help control healthcare costs.

Mid-State can help provide employers with the tools necessary to create a comprehensive health insurance program that empowers employees to make decisions that will help save them while reducing costs for the company.