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Why businesses should protect themselves with earthquake insurance

Could we have an earthquake here?”  Even as I asked that question a year ago, I could sense what people were thinking.  “Here?  Are you kidding?  This is New England – not California.” 

Then a few months …

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Are you prepared for a homeowner insurance claim?

Imagine for a moment what happens to a family whose home is destroyed by a fire, hurricane, tornado or other disaster.  As they survey the ruins, they find it difficult to remember all of their possessions.  Or supposing a woman comes home from work …

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Why Small Business Owners Need Business Interruption Insurance

In the aftermath of the early June tornadoes that left a path of destruction from Springfield to Sturbridge, our first thought was for the people whose lives were forever changed by the event.

Even as we reached out to Mid-State customers who were affected by …

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Why every business needs a crisis plan

If you want one good reason why you should have a crisis plan for your business, think about the images of the Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Sanford, North Carolina after a tornado ripped through it on Saturday, April 16.  More than 100 customers …

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